Posted by Erin Nelson on Nov 13, 2019
New WiFi is all in and ready to roll.  For club member use only, the SSID is JCP-AFR and the password is AFRrocks! and the public use is labeled as JCP-Public with the password as jcprocks.  Big thanks to Eric and all who helped to get this running.
Poker for Polio Planning Meeting was held after our general meeting last week, any we have many deadlines to meet to get this fun event off and running.  The primary and first deadline is for a new venue location that we need locking no later than the end of this month.  Table and event sponsors will be needed by December 18th along with quotes from food vendors.  This event is set for Leap Day, February 29th.  For any questions, please contact Scott.
LCS - Food Drive Sorting will be this Saturday, November 16th to help sort and count the food the Boy Scouts have collected to benefit the Rogue PowerPack Program.  Last year they collected over 13,000 items that valued around $6,500.00.  Lets see if they can raise more this year.  This event will run from 11am to 2pm though the location has yet to be determined.  We also had our tailgate party set for this Saturday, but with the food drive event, members that choose to will meet up afterwards for an informal fellowship to be determined afterward.
10 Year Anniversary Party will be held on January 25th and we looking for volunteers to help set this one up.  It will be in place of our annual post holiday party.  If you are interested in planning this event or helping, please let Eric know.
New Proposed Members are James Bradshaw and M.J. Jones and they both have been approved by the board to become members of our great club.  Please give both a big welcome and the official induction date has yet to be determined.
Rogue Power Pack Program has on now.  For a quick hour every Friday (sometimes Thursday) it is a fun little project that runs from 1:30 to 2:30 pm.  For the 2019-2020 school year at Orchard Hill Elementary we are now using the site for all of us to select our volunteer slots. Remember, we need two volunteers per week and it takes about an hour and you must have done your background check with the Phoenix/Talent School District.  
Speaking of Polio, Rotary District 5240 is putting together an immunization trip to India.  The dates of the trip will most likely be January 13 through January 25th.  Though the door to door immunization will be conducted for one day, participants will need to be in good shape, both physically and mentally due to the amount of walking and long hours.  Details for this trip were provided by our own PDG Chuck Root and the average cost to join this service trip is around $3,000 to $3,500.  There are a lot of requirements that need to be meet per the information provided (check with Eric for details), but it is something to look into for this or future immunization trips to help with the fight against Polio.
StoveTeam International has some options open for those interesting in doing an international project as the plan four trips a year where they visit one of the partner factories.  Each team is comprised of ten to twenty individuals and the cost is $1600 per person (plus airfare) and includes all meals, lodging, and in-country transportation.  This is currently space available for both the January and March 2020 trips.  When in Antigua, Guatemala, participants receive one-on-one Spanish instructions during most mornings and help in either the building, testing, or distribution of the stoves in the afternoons.  For more information, visit and you can also donate $50.00 which equals the cost of one stove.  Spread the word and we do have some brochures leftover also.
Do you have any Rotary event photos on hand?  Please send us the album so that we can upload them to ClubRunner for archiving and sharing with our friends and other Rotarians.  We are on the path to keep our social media up and running and Jason has been amazing with our Facebook page and look forward to the Instagram page when we get open to share.  Plus for our 10 year anniversary, we will need some Rotary photos for the slide show.
About Rotary and what everything is about can all be found on  As a member of Rotary, so many items are available to you under the My Rotary member section.  It is very easy to login as a new member and if you do need help, please let Erin know.  This access has so many items for both new and existing members that covers the basics of Rotary and leadership roles and other multitude of service and knowledge. 
Speakers are always needed and if you know of someone or an organization that you think would be an interesting speaker for our club, please let Joe know by providing the contact information or by even acting as the liaison.  So please, keep your ears and eyes opened for some great opportunities we have in our area that we have not yet heard or would like an update, like the Holly Theatre for one or the Jackson County Sheriffs Office, or yourselves by giving the vocational talk about yourself.
Attendance Makeups:  please don't forget to let Erin know your makeups for attendance by sending an email.  Please remember, the ClubRunner does not allow me to break down the hours and works by date only :)
Don't forget to check if you have paid your dues with Kellie and we accept all forms of payment.  If you have any questions on your invoice or did not receive one and don't know your standing, please let Kellie know.  Please remember that it is vital to maintain a strong membership in all aspects to keep our club going strong and healthy.