Posted by Janel Yergen on Feb 11, 2020
Needed- The club needs someone to volunteer to be the president for the 2021-2022 year. This person would serve as President Elect under Marc DiTomasso next year. Please see Eric if you are interested.
Service Opportunities- Mark your Calendar:
Rogue Power Pack has weekly opportunities to serve Orchard Hill Elementary Fridays (usually) 1:30-2:30 visit SignUp.Com to select your slot. You must have completed a background check through the Phoenix/Talent School District.
      March 14, 2020- Clean Up @ Medford Train Park
      April 25, 2020 Rotarians At Work serving the Southern Oregon Children's Museum
      May, 16 2020 Day of Caring
Additional information will be provided as these dates approach.
Community Service Opportunity Facebook Group-   You can join this from the Rogue Valley After Five Facebook page, or reach out to Jennie McLaughlin to request an invitation.

WiFi is all in and ready to roll.  For club member use only, the SSID is JCP-AFR and the password is AFRrocks! and the public use is labeled as JCP-Public with the password as jcprocks.  Big thanks to Eric and all who helped to get this running.
Do you have any Rotary event photos on hand?  Please send us the album so that we can upload them to ClubRunner for archiving and sharing with our friends and other Rotarians. All photos of club activities and events can be uploaded to the Google Drive:
About Rotary and what everything is about can all be found on  As a member of Rotary, so many items are available to you under the My Rotary member section.  It is very easy to login as a new member and if you do need help, please let Erin know.  This access has so many items for both new and existing members that covers the basics of Rotary and leadership roles and other multitude of service and knowledge. 
Speakers are always needed and if you know of someone or an organization that you think would be an interesting speaker for our club, please let Joe know by providing the contact information or by even acting as the liaison.  So please, keep your ears and eyes opened for some great opportunities we have in our area that we have not yet heard or would like an update, like the Holly Theatre for one or the Jackson County Sheriffs Office, or yourselves by giving the vocational talk about yourself.
Attendance Makeups:  please don't forget to let Erin know your makeups for attendance by sending an email.  Please remember, the ClubRunner does not allow me to break down the hours and works by date only :)
Don't forget to check if you have paid your dues with Kellie and we accept all forms of payment.  If you have any questions on your invoice or did not receive one and don't know your standing, please let Kellie know.  Please remember that it is vital to maintain a strong membership in all aspects to keep our club going strong and healthy.