Posted by Erin Nelson on Aug 14, 2019
Social Media and PR is looking great and big thank you to Jason for taking on this role. Our Facebook will soon be linked to an Instagram account and we look forward to another avenue to reach our community.  If we are at any Rotary events, and a member of our PR team is not available, please take a nice candid shot and a shot write up on the happens and send to Jason to post.  This will be a group effort as we all have schedules that conflict.
Raining Cats and Dogs is moving along and we really need everyone's help to raise the underwriting funds to really make this a great event and a success.  We hit a learning curve this year and will be on a better tract for next year's event when it comes to approaching local businesses to help sponsor and underwrite the costs.  Big thank you to Heather for getting us some donated radio time to advertise and ticket sales will be starting very soon to allow the 6 weeks of sales needed.  For all those who attended the work party last Sunday at the Rogue River Lodge, THANK YOU!!!,  that was quite a task numbering all the litter kitties and doggies :).  More updates will be provided tonight as the RCAD board meets every week now.
Committee Assignments are now official and locked down.  All chairs should have emailed their committee members at this time to get up and running.  If you have not seen an email, double check your spam/junk email box to make sure that they are not in there since communications are sent via ClubRunner.
Rafting Trip Fellowship is scheduled for August 24,  if you would love to attend, please RSVP to Marcella's email sent last week with the number of people joining so that reservations made be made.
Rogue Valley Rotary All Club Summer Party is this Saturday, August 17, from 6-8pm at the RCC-SOU Higher Education Center in Medford.  Bring your spouse, friends, and prosective new members for a fun evening of meeting our area Rotarians and what our clubs are doing and looking forward to do in the future.  Attendees are encouraged to bring food or beverages to share.  For more information, contact Bethany Brown at
Do you have any Rotary event photos on hand?  Please send us the album so that we can upload them to ClubRunner for archiving and sharing with our friends and other Rotarians.  We are on the path to keep our social media up and running and Jason has been amazing with our Facebook page and look forward to the Instagram page when we get open to share.
About Rotary and what everything is about can all be found on  As a member of Rotary, so many items are available to you under the My Rotary member section.  It is very easy to login as a new member and if you do need help, please let Erin know.  This access has so many items for both new and existing members that covers the basics of Rotary and leadership roles and other multitude of service and knowledge. 
Speakers are always needed and if you know of someone or an organization that you think would be an interesting speaker for our club, please let Joe know by providing the contact information or by even acting as the liaison.  So please, keep your ears and eyes opened for some great opportunities we have in our area that we have not yet heard or would like an update, like the Holly Theatre for one or the Jackson County Sheriffs Office, or yourselves by giving the vocational talk about yourself.
Fundraising ideas are being bounced around and the Raining Cats and Dogs event is on its way.  Kelly, Scott, and Brian S. have been attending the board meetings for the Raining Cats & Dogs, and things are moving along and are now looking for sponsors to help underwrite the event's expenses so that all the ticket sales are the total funds raised--if you and your business are interested, please let Kelly and LeAnn Mobley know.  We will also be working at the Oktoberfest again this year for parking and other duties on the last Saturday in September, so mark your calendars ;)
Don't forget to check if you have paid your dues with Kellie and we accept all forms of payment.  If you have any questions on your invoice or did not receive one and don't know your standing, please let Kellie know.  Please remember that it is vital to maintain a strong membership in all aspects to keep our club going strong and healthy.