Posted by Erin Nelson on Jun 11, 2019
End of Year Dinner will be held at the Pheasant Hill Farms on June 22 and our dinner is being catered by our own Janel.  Please join us with your spouse, family, and guests for what is going to be a beautiful evening and fellowship.  Amazing that that our club is celebrating its 10th anniversary and we will update you as more details as they come along.  Thomas scored with Caldara Brewing and we have beer donated and Kelly will be bringing some homemade wine, though you can also BYOB.  Would you like to help, please let Kelly and Janel know as we will need help to setup and cleanup.  More details to come :)
Annual Planning Retreat will be on June 23 at the clubhouse at the Farms of Jacksonville on 515 G Street and will start at 1:00pm.  This is open to all members along with all leadership members to plan the upcoming Rotary year with our PE Eric.  Always a productive and fun event and love how everyone brings great ideas to the table.  Big Thanks to Eric for hosting this year!
Membership Survey has been completed by most of us and after our speaker at last weeks meeting.  A lot of good questions were put forth and will be interesting to see what the results were.  Thank you to those that did complete this survey.
Raining Cats and Dogs is getting geared up and things are coming together.  Currently we are looking for anyone or businesses that are willing to be a sponsor to help underwrite the event. By having underwriters to cover the costs, the funds raised by selling cats and dogs are 100% toward ours and the other Rotary clubs participating.  If you know anyone or business that would be a great sponsor, please let Eric know as each club needs to raise $7,500 to cover the costs.  The event will be held on October 4th at the Crater High School home football game and this is a blast if you didn't have a chance to see the drop a couple of years ago.
About Rotary and what everything is about can all be found on  As a member of Rotary, so many items are available to you under the My Rotary member section.  It is very easy to login as a new member and if you do need help, please let Erin know.  This access has so many items for both new and existing members that covers the basics of Rotary and leadership roles and other multitude of service and knowledge. 
Rogue PowerPack Program is wrapping up at Orchard Hill Elementary School (Phoenix School District) as the end of the school year approaches.  Ask Jennie for any openings available and remember you have to do the background check if you have not already done so.  
Speakers are always needed and if you know of someone or an organization that you think would be an interesting speaker for our club, please let Joe know by providing the contact information or by even acting as the liaison.  So please, keep your ears and eyes opened for some great opportunities we have in our area that we have not yet heard or would like an update, like the Holly Theatre for one or the Jackson County Sheriffs Office, or yourselves by giving the vocational talk about yourself.
Fundraising ideas are being bounced around and the Raining Cats and Dogs event is on its way.  Kelly, Scott, and Brian S. have been attending the board meetings for the Raining Cats & Dogs, and things are moving along and are now looking for sponsors to help underwrite the event's expenses so that all the ticket sales are the total funds raised--if you and your business are interested, please let Kelly and LeAnn Mobley know.  The big drop is this fall, October 4, at a Crater Comets home football game.  We are always open to any ideas to raise funds to support the Rogue Power Pack Program, and other local and international projects.  And remember this will involve the sales of tickets and the more we sell the more funds raised.
Don't forget to check if you have paid your dues with Kellie and we accept all forms of payment.  If you have any questions on your invoice or did not receive one and don't know your standing, please let Kellie know.  Please remember that it is vital to maintain a strong membership in all aspects to keep our club going strong and healthy.